The Disease and Regulatory Genomics Lab

We use state-of-the-art computational, genetic, and molecular biology tools to understand mechanisms of disease and gene regulation. For more details, take a look at our research page.

Lab news:

04/24/18: We are very excited to welcome Phoenix Mu to our lab as a PhD student! Phoenix received his B.S. from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and will spearhead our lab's work on autoimmune disease genetics in collaboration with collaborators here at UChicago and from the Xijing Hospital in China!

In other news, our paper on Parkinson's TWAS is out in Nature Communications!

01/17/18: Two papers we contributed to are now out in the same issue of Cell! One on structural variation in human and the other on using deep learning to predict the effect of genetic variants on mRNA splicing. Congratulations to Ankeeta for her contribution to her first Cell paper!

11/15/18: We've been awarded our first grant, from the Cancer Research Foundation, to develop splicing-assays for leukemia detection. More details here.

10/08/18: Two exciting manuscripts are out from the lab! (1) Trans effects on gene expression can drive omnigenic inheritance posted on biorXiv and (2) Integrative transcriptome analyses of the aging brain implicate altered splicing in Alzheimer’s disease susceptibility published online in Nature Genetics.

9/01/18: Ben Fair is the second postdoc to join our lab, and will be jointly advised by Yoav Gilad!! Ben is an expert on RNA splicing who did his PhD at Cornell under the supervision of Jeff Pleiss.

8/01/18: Fabio Morgante from Trudy Mackay's lab has now joined our lab as a postdoc, he'll be jointly advised by Matthew Stephens. Fabio has been working a long time in the field of quantitative genetics and will continue to do so in our lab. Welcome!!

6/01/18: Undergrads Tony Zeng and Shane Warland have joined the lab for the summer! Tony will work on a computational project with us and Shane on wet lab experiments!

5/01/18: Ankeeta Shah is our first grad student! Very excited to have her in the lab!! As an undergrad, Ankeeta worked on topics related to RNA splicing with Chaolin Zhang at Columbia. She'll be leading many efforts in the lab to understand the links between gene regulation and disease.

2/01/18: Welcome to the first official member of the lab Stephanie Lozano who will be a research tech based in the Basu Lab. Stephanie will be helping with all data collection related to single-cell RNA-seq!

12/11/17: Our LeafCutter manuscript is out in Nature Genetics.

12/08/17: Our manuscript on Parkinson's disease has been posted on bioRxiv.

12/05/17: Our paper on iPSC and cardiomyocyte regulatory QTLs is out in Genome Research.

10/01/17: The Li lab is officially online, we are currently located in CLSC in space shared with Human Genetics.